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AG Optical Systems Specials

Quartz optics and optical quality test reports are now standard on all AG Optical Systems telescopes

All AG Optical Imaging Dall Kirkham and Imaging Harmer Wynne telescopes are supplied with optical quality test results indicating the Strehl and RMS performance of the optical system.  Data for each system is obtained using a rigorous double pass interferometry test configuration.

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Astronomical/Scientific Optical Systems                                                  

Imaging Dall Kirkham Imaging Harmer Wynne
Premium, highly corrected F6.7 optical system providing diffraction-limited, wide field of views (sub 6 micron RMS spot sizes* over 65 mm image circle) designed to cover large chip CCD cameras.  See more details on the Imaging Dall Kirkham page.

Quartz optics standard.

Class leading quality and performance with CNC machined components, master optician hand figured optics tested as a system, and best in class customer service.

Optional Optec Gemini rotating focuser upgrade with class-leading pricing.

 "So, to say the least, I am very pleased with your scope.... you really know how to build them." Gerald M. - OK, USA

Blazing fast F3.85 wide field imaging scope designed to provide outstanding wide field performance in large 14" and 16" apertures. See Imaging Harmer Wynne page.

Quartz optics standard.

Thermally stable carbon fiber truss tube.

Premium quality Optec Gemini rotating focuser included as standard.

Optional AG Optical Thermal Control System for PC-based automated primary mirror cooling and anti-dew control of primary and secondary mirrors.
*Note:  AG Optical Systems always states our RMS spot size numbers as a diameter.  Some manufacturers choose to report their RMS spot size numbers as a radius without stating it is a radius.

Custom Systems and Carbon Fiber Composite Parts                

Custom System Carbon Fiber Parts
Our staff has decades of experience solving complex problems for scientific, military, and commercial applications.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Rugged, lightweight, thermally stable carbon fiber composite parts and honeycomb core tubes in large diameters up to 72" long.  See more details on the carbon fiber page.

AG Optical Systems, LLC.

AG Optical Systems LLC specializes in the design, development, and production of high-resolution imaging systems.  Please call us so you can experience the AG Optical Systems difference.

View of 12.5" Imaging Dall Kirkham astrograph.

Carbon Fiber Truss Structure


SolidWorks 3D CAD Design Optical Tube Assembly