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Newtonian Astrograph

AG Optical Systems has discontinued our premium Newtonian Astrograph line to concentrate on our iHW and iDK products.  We have a limited number of Wynne corrector optics left so we are building a limited run of our high-performance Newtonian astrographs.  Please see the features and pricing details listed below.  We encourage you to compare our product and pricing to our competition!!!


AGO Newtonian astrographs are a photo junkie's idea of Nirvana.  By combining large aperture, fast focal ratio, corrected optics in a lightweight, stiff, and thermally stable carbon fiber tube AGO has created an instrument with a singular purpose:  to devour photons and precisely focus them on your CCD camera's chip.

AG Optical Systems Newtonian astrograph offer the best value and performance in the high-end Newtonian astrograph market.  On a feature by feature comparison, there is no comparison:  AG Optical Systems is light years ahead!


Newtonian Astrograph Features
  • Diffraction limited optics figured by a master optician
  • Blazing fast F3.8 focal ratio to capture deep, wide field images
  • Wynne corrector providing 50mm corrected field of view with a generous 80mm of back focus.  Side view, hole pattern
  • Extremely stiff, thermally stable carbon fiber composite tube with sandwich honeycomb core, carefully flocked interior


  • FLI Atlas focuser is standard
  • CNC machined focuser reinforcement rings to support heavy camera load
  • Double vane, stainless steel spider to rigidly support secondary mirror
  • CNC machined components with stainless steel fasteners

Model N10a N12.5a N16a
Aperture 10" 12.5" 16"
Focal ratio 3.8 3.8 3.8
Focal length 38" 47.5" 60.8"
Optics Supremax 33 full face primary mirror, center marked with Catseye Hotspot
Secondary size (ma) 4.4" 4.7" 5.25"
Focuser FLI Atlas
digital focuser
Corrector 3.2" Wynne with 80 mm backfocus, several camera adapters available
Spot Diagram Click here Click here Click here
Coatings Enhanced Aluminum
Spacing from corrector
flange to CCD chip (+/- .5mm)
76.68 mm 78.49  mm 78.32 mm
Tube Rings hinged, 6061 red anodized, predrilled to fit Paramount ME Versaplate
Tube outer diameter 14" 16" 20"
Tube length 34" 42" 58"
Tube weight ~ 28 lbs ~44 lbs ~ 88 lbs
Price (includes OTA, FLI Atlas, Wynne corrector $7,795 $10,500 $18,500
Tube Rings Included Included Included
Wynne to CCD Adapter Included Included Included
Delivery approx 3-4 months
Shipping Included in price

Leo Trio by Scott Johnson (Starfire Studios) with AG Optical Systems 12.5" Newtonian Astrograph

AG Optical Systems 12.5" Newtonian Astrograph with focuser reinforcement rings

AG Optical Systems 12.5" Newtonian Astrogaph Back Plate with Cooling Fans

AG Optical Systems 12.5" Newtonian Astrograph Double Vane Spider Assembly