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Ruggedized Imaging Dall Kirkham Telescope

Imaging Dall Kirkham (iDK) astrographs are high resolution instruments with excellent on and off axis performance. The Ruggedized version of the iDK uses a high strength, high stiffness, lightweight, and thermally stable carbon fiber composite tube with a Nomex honeycomb core to create a tube assembly capable of handling high acceleration and slew rates.

AG Optical Systems uses high quality, prepreg carbon fiber and overexpanded Nomex honeycomb core materials to build our tubes.   Each tube is made using a multi-step process which includes laying up multiple layers of prepreg carbon fiber material, several vacuum bagging steps to ensure excellent compaction of the carbon fiber plys and core, and a computer controlled curing process using AG Optical Systems' large curing oven.


Ruggedized Imaging Dall Kirkham Telescope Features
  • Optics figured and quality tested as a system
  • Fast F6.7 system designed and baffled to cover large chip camera systems
  • 11"  of back focus to support almost any combination of imaging components (dependent upon focuser selected)
  • Excellent coma free, astigmatism free, flat field performance over 70 mm image circle


  • Outstanding field illumination across big chip cameras.
  • Carbon fiber composite tube with Nomex honeycomb core to create a very stiff, strong, lightweight tube assembly
  • Multiple spacer and camera adapter options
  • CNC machined components with stainless steel fasteners

System Specifications                                                                          

Model          iDK12.5R iDK17R iDK20R
Aperture 12.5" 17" 20"
Focal ratio 6.7 6.7 6.7
Focal length 83.5" 114" 134"
Back focus 5.25" with Optec TCF 5" with Optec TCF 5" with Optec TCF
OTA type Ruggedized Carbon Fiber Composite Tube with Nomex Honeycomb Core, multiple finish options available
Primary mirror  Supremax 33 substrate
Fans (blowing air into OTA)    3 x 60mm fans 3 x 80 mm fans 4 x 80 mm fans
Secondary obstruction 6.7" 8.2" 9"
Focuser (included) Standard: Optec TCF-S3i 3" temperature compensating digital focuser
 Customizable options to meet customer requirements
Corrector  two element,
broadband AR coated
Mirror Coatings Enhanced
Baffling primary and secondary baffles, baffled for 16803 size chip
Dovetail Massive, thermally compensated dovetail plate included
Tube length 30" 42" 47"
Tube weight with dovetail &  focuser approx. 42 lbs approx. 90 lbs approx. 130 lbs
Price $11,695 $22,595 $30,995
AGO Thermal Control System $975 $975 $975
Shroud $125 $140 $165
Piggyback Dovetail Plate $225 $265 $305
Delivery approx. 3 - 4 months
Shipping contact AGO

12.5" iDK Ruggedizd Tube Telescope

Section of Carbon Fiber Composite Nomex Honeycomb Core Tube

Carbon Fiber Mirror Bucket

Large Volume Curing Oven